Virtual Care Appointments

Using Airvet, the telemedicine/telehealth app, you can connect via your cell phone,
iPad, or computer, to have a virtual appointment with our veterinarians from the
comfort of your home. The Airvet app cannot replace an in-clinic exam, but may be
appropriate for rechecks, prescription renewals, and some health concerns. We will be
able to answer questions and work with you to determine if your questions and pet’s
condition can be addressed through a chat or if it would be better taken care of in

Download AirVet

Curbside Appointments

To best safeguard our ability to continue seeing patients, we will be Curbside and
Drop-Off only (except euthanasia appointments, where there is a 2 person limit) until
further notice.

Please call once arriving for your appointment and a team member will notify you
when they will be ready to escort your pet to an exam room. They will ask you to either
wait at your vehicle or meet them with your pet at or just inside one of the entrances.
At the end of the appointment, a staff member will again call to process your payment
and arrange the return of your pet and dispensing of any medications.

Please notify us if you have any health or mobility concerns about approaching the
building and would require a team member come to your vehicle.

Communication with the veterinarian will be by phone or Airvet live-stream video.
If you wish to take advantage of our telemedicine service to have a live video call with
the veterinarian during your appointment you will need to have the Airvet app
downloaded on the phone/device you will be using at the time of the exam otherwise
we will not be able to utilize this service. This additional service is free for Curbside
appointments. (link to downloading app info)

Please fill out our curbside history form before you arrive for your appointment. If this
is not done, it may cause delays, extended wait times, or possibly the need to

Dog/Cat Form

Other Species Form

Ongoing Precautions

The well-being of you and your pets is our highest priority. In response to the on-going
developments surrounding COVID-19, we wanted to let you know we are doing our
best to ensure that our office remains operational with our usual business hours
to continue providing the highest level care to pets!


We encourage the use of Hand Sanitizer and good hygiene, for staff and clients, when
touching surfaces that others are in contact with (door handles, pet carriers, etc)
Please let us know if you or someone in your household has had any exposure to
COVID-19 or symptoms of illness. This will allow us to make special arrangements to
limit exposure.

We have informed our employees that they cannot report to work if they experience
fever, cough, or shortness of breath. They have been instructed to follow their doctor’s
and CDC guidelines regarding medical care, quarantine and when it’s appropriate to
return to work.

If we have one request, it’s that you remain patient with us. Many factors could
potentially have a large impact on our team members ability to provide service as
quickly as we would like. This may result in longer appointment duration, wait times,
and other delays.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we take these measures to keep
everyone safe and healthy as we continue to meet all your pet’s needs.
If you have questions or are uncertain about bringing your pet into the office, we may
be able to help virtually or with other support.  Please call us at (715) 344-6311 and we
will do our best to assist you.

Thank you for your flexibility and support. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Oakview Veterinary Medical Center Team