Oakview Veterinary Medical Center

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Fear Free Veterinary Visits

We use low stress handling techniques with all pets. This means we take special precautions to decrease your pet's anxiety. For example, we use pheromones like Adaptil and Feliway throughout the clinic. 

We also use non-slip mats on exam tables and classical music. These are all elements of Fear Free and Low Stress Handling.

"Bella" has been getting regular nail trims at Oakview since she was a puppy. By using less restraint along with food and praise rewards, her nail trims are quick and easy.

Cat Friendly

Our clinic cat "Meeko" is laying on a non slip matt covered with a heated towel. Behind him is a hidey box he can use if he feels overwhelmed. There is a Feliway plug in, the iCat is playing cat friendly music, and Composure Pro is available for a natural stress soother.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners certifies practices to be "Cat Friendly." Part of this means we  believe in the respectful handling of cats to reduce fear and anxiety. It also means we are up to date on the latest medical advancements for felines.

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