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To best serve our exotic patients, we are now happily accepting exotic pet appointments on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

Birds, Reptiles, and other Exotic Pets

Although you may not think your pet is “exotic,” that is the term used to describe an unusual pet. The most common exotic pets include birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, and reptiles.

Vets and Exotic Pets

Most vet schools do not have exotics programs, and it’s no wonder as vet students study 10-20 species as it is! So, vets who are interested in exotic pets must research and gather experience on their own. These unique creatures are not dogs and cats and cannot be treated as such.  Here is more information about why many veterinarians do not treat exotic pets.

If we could catch every person thinking of adopting an
exotic pet BEFORE they acquire one, we would! Unfortunately, many of these pets
end up unwanted once people realize how challenging it is to care for them.

Remember that any pet can become ill, and the cost of
treatment can far outweigh that pet’s purchase price.

For help choosing an exotic pet, check this link from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Exotics and Illness

Exotics and Illness

The most common reason we see exotic pets is for husbandry deficits. This means that the basic care required for health is lacking. There are countless sources of incorrect information including, but unfortunately not limited to, internet sources and retail pet store employees. Keep in mind that an experienced veterinarian is always the best source for care information. Without the proper diet, temperature, and humidity (to name a few!), exotic pets can become ill and even die. It is very important to have a wellness visit with a vet experienced in exotic care to ensure basic needs are being met. 

Reliable Husbandry Sources:




Buddy the Indian Ringneck and Jake the Cockatiel visit Dr. Scott at Oakview. Listen to Buddy comfort his friend Jake with kisses and “Whattcha doin?”

The Veterinary School at The University of Wisconsin Madison has a “special species” department staffed with veterinarians with a specialization in the care of exotic pets

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